Nadadelazos. Color, Fun, Comfortable.

Nadadelazos. We first bumped into Nadadaloze at the children’s clothing fair in Paris in 2015. We were looking for smaller independent brands to complement our current collection and this was perfect. A Spanish brand created by Kristina Laux, a German living in Madrid with an unbelievable combination of colours and patterns that caught our eye immediately.

Kristina designes the clothes with a mission. The clothes must be loose fitting so that the child has room to breath. They must allow children to be children and are designed to be played in and to get dirty.

For spring and summer 2016 theme is Turgi from Mongolia. Throughout the collection you will see turgis, the wrestler, the oghul and the yurt. We are not sure what a turgis and an oghul are, but that doesnt matter, The clothes speak for themselves!

You can view the collection here. be quick, it is going to go fast!