Behind the Scenes – photoshoot for Little Department Store

Oh what were we lucky.

In co-operation with Rachel Miller the Yummy Mommy, we planned a photoshoot, very daringly outside for Little Department Store for October 16th. Anybody who knows anything about the Dutch weather knows that planning for outside in October is somewhat daring, if not a little stupid .. but amazing our gamble paid off and we were blessed with 20 degrees and blue sky.  Fantastic! Behind the scenes!

We took it easy .. it was Sunday after all .. and we planned for mid day. The kids arrived around lunchtime and changed into their Yummy Mommy/Little Department Store chosen outfits. The sets included Little Indians, Nadadelazos, Picnik BarcelonaKidscase, Molo and Munsterkids in wonderful autumnal colours of oker yellow, grey, green tones and dusky pinks. With everyone looking fantastic we made our way to the local school for some serious outside playing.

The shoot was a breeze. The kids were fantastic. We started with some urban feel on the steps of the school and moved onto skateboarding, stunt stepping and tree climbing. After two hours of October sun we wandered back to the shop and left to enjoy the rest of the glorious Sunday weather.

Below are a few behind the scene shots. The actual photos will be ready at the end of this week and will be published by Little Department Store as soon as possible. We will update you as soon as we can because, believe me, the photos are gorgeous!



Behind the scenes