Swearhouse is slow-fashion label from a studio located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Swearhouse is a fun label with a conscience. Hope you like it as much as we do!

At Little Department Store we have a wide range of the Swearhouse sweaters and sweaterdresses available. Please come have a look at our store at Kleiweg 97a.

The lab

In the lab we take our time to design. It’s a place where we experiment passionately with colours and illustrations. A place where we carefully select the softest fabrics and search for the most comfortable shapes. Where a good pinch of innovation, imagination and humour is being added to get the mix just right for making your child’s favourite garment. That special and meaningful item he or she loves to wear all day, every day.


Swearhouse is aware that a garment can only be meaningful when environmental and social responsibility is taken seriously in the production proces. Therefore we love to work with certified natural knits. At the moment more than 90 % of the collection is made of GOTS certified organic cotton. Secondly we choose to produce everything locally in the Netherlands by people who love what they do. All garments are handprinted at the lab in Rotterdam.




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