Picnik Barcelona

Picnik Barcelona, as you may have guessed, is a Spanish clothing brand for children and babies 0-8 years. Focussing on great cuts and soft fabrics the collections are made up of dresses, skirts and unisex pieces.

What makes this collection so special are the prints. Simple and hand drawn but always unique to the Picnik style. This winter they are concentrating on mermaids, giraffes, pianos, ghosts and penguins. A mix of subjects but the collection works perfectly because whatever you mix and match together the colours and styles make sure that the outfit works. Don’t be afraid to match a mermaid skirt with a penguin sweater, a ghost legging with a dress. Each piece complements the other perfectly and we absolutely love it.

You can shop the Picnik collection at Little Department Store. We ship world wide and are used to shipping this collection to many customers in the US.

Why not check them out at their instagram account here.

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