Lion of Leisure

I always have to smile when I bump into the brand Lion of Leisure. The name always makes me think. Lions are hunting animals, constantly alert and more than willing to fight for their pride. I would love to enter the wild and meet a leisurely lion but I guess that will never happen. When I next meet the founders and owners of this magnificent brand, Matthew Grove and Saskia Solberg  I will ask them where they got the name from.

Luckily this brilliant organic and elegantly funny clothing brand Lion of Leisure allows me to cuddle with my leisurely lion every day. I am talking now about my 9 year old son, who has lots of Lion of Leisure tops. Similar to that of a lion, his days are based on instinct and pleasure. Football. skateboarding, Minecraft. Of course he has to abide with those wilderness rules of eating his vitamines, paying attention at school and going to bed on time.  But for the rest he is free to wander through his daily 9 years old jungle playing, enjoying, living on his impulse.

It is therefore no wonder that he adores the brand Lion of Leisure.

These 100% organic cotton tees and long sleeves are printed by hand (see the wonderful picture below) and are certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  And if that is not impressive enough, all graphics printed on the garments are printed with biodegradable water based inks that are not harmful to you, to us or to the environment. Each  garment is packaged in a re-usable, 100% pure cotton bag.

In addition, Lion of Leisure make soft cuddly toys, perfect for a gift. Each toy created with the same respect for the environment and universe as their clothes.

What we personally love about Lion of Leisure is the combination of wonderful colours, cute prints and an accompanying cute slogan. You will notice that on Kids Clothing Blog we will not be promoting too many brands with text on the shirts. Certainly not with brand names, but these soft and little quips are unbelievably witty and make both parents and kids laugh.

Please feel free to check out the website of Lion of Leisure here, You may also want to follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

You can purchase Lion of Leisure at Little Department Store and other stores across the globe.

You are sure to run into Lion of Leisure somewhere on your travels – either in cyberspace or in the real world. Out tip .. buy at lease piece. It will guarantee a smile for baby, kids and parents.

XJo, Kids Clothing Blog.