Nuvola baby blankets. Made in Luxembourg

Having spent a number of years in the kids clothing industry it has not often that I have heard of Luxembourg.  I am used to bumping into designers from other European countries such as France, Spain and Italy .. but Luxembourg is a country little associated with kids design.

It was therefore fantastic to read about the brand Nuvola Baby who produce the the cutest baby blankets in the most amazing fabrics.

Even with a price tag from 69 euros these blankets are made out of the finest Cashmere/Merino wool blend, 100% Icelandic wool or a cashmere/cotton blend. All combinations offering the softest touch to even the most sensitive of skin.

With a cloud print in vibrant yellow, tangerine or turquoise. This new collection is absolutely not one to be missed.

For more information visit their website: You may also be interested to watch their video below.