Kidscase. Pure and honest nonchalant baby and children’s clothes from size 56 to  128. A collection that we simply adore.  What makes this brand so unique is their color pallet and their fabrics. It is no wonder that this collection sells much better in our brick and stone shop in Rotterdam than it does on the web. The feel of the fabric is amazing and any customer lucky enough to get close to Kidscase is immediately smitten. Better still any child lucky enough to wear kidscase will love it. The fabrics are so amazingly soft,  your child will not want to take it off. At the Little Department Store we sell a smaller range of Kidscase for the older children and offer a wide collection for the babies. Our baby collection of offered from newborn, making the perfect gift for a new arrival either from yourself of a friend. Because of the popularity of the Kidscase baby we make sure that we stock plenty so as not to disappoint.

One of the things we love about Kidscase is their photography. The have worked with Annemarieke van Drimmelen and more recently with Flannery o’kafka, two wonderfully talented photographers. Both the look book and lifestyle pictures from Kidscase are to die for and something we resuse time and time again for our marketing.

Recently Kidscase have worked with artist Antoine Peters to form the Kidscase + Antoine Peters collection. This is a daring step for Kidscase who have moved away from soft colouring to bold brash yellow and reds.

You can find out Kidscase collection online and in out shop in Rotterdam, Kleiweg 99b.

Why not check them out at their instagram account here.

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