Smile, smil, 미소, hymy, sourire, 微笑む, lächeln, sorriso, sonreír, le

Smile .. because there is always a reason to. It is simple, natural and costs nothing. I do it every day and my customers and my world smile back.

Jo Keitch

Hello, I am Jo Keitch. I am owner of the Little Department Store and owner of the web design bureau Fatjo. I am mother of three kids who get older and wiser every day, May 15, Milly, 11 and Charlie 9. Great that you have visited my website. Welcome!

Do what you want to do. These words that are very close to my heart. I believe very strongly that achievement, energy and satisfaction will come naturally in life when we make choices based on what what makes us smile.  This is exactly why I started making websites, with a gradual transition to include selling children clothes via the web. Before I knew it I had my own brick and stone children’s clothing store and web design office in Rotterdam. Proof that dreams can come true – as long as you keep on smiling.

Come and meet us. You can find me busying away at the Little Department Store on the Kleiweg in Rotterdam a couple of days a week, along with my friend and colleague Sanne. I am 45 and Sanne is 22, but despite the age gap we have fun and respect each other for our differences.  I am the chaos, the entrepreneur, the risk taker. Sanne is the perfectionist. I am the one who decides and buys the collections, she is the one who makes them shine both in the shop and online. We make a perfect team, and we laugh a lot.

Leave us happier than when you walked in. Both Sanne and I have one goal. We aim to make you smile. Of course we offer a fantastic collection of clothes, but the experience of buying them is very important to us, in our store and online. Whether you meet us in cyberspace or by walking into our store on the Kleiweg, our aim is that you will leave us happy. Happy with the service that we provide, happy with our humour and happy with your purchase.

We listen to you. We are here for you. For summer 2016 Little Department Store will take a new dimension. We have listened over the past years to you, our customer, and have adjusted our collections accordingly. We will say goodbye to some of our beloved collections such as Mini Rodini and Bengh and make way for younger, fresher alternatives such as Piknic, GoSoaky, Munster Kids and other international brands who offer new ideas and quality. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is sometimes hard to do, but we cannot wait for your reactions to the clothes we know you will love.

So come on in and find out. Enjoy your shopping experience. Very importantly, contact us. Give us your feedback and ideas, ask us questions.

After all we are here for you, because you make us smile.


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